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Force Power Merits.

Lightsaber form Merits.

Rules of the Game

The rules of this game shall be based off the World of Darkness rules and Star Wars Character Sheet. There are several key features the players should know about on the sheet


Various force powers will fall into three classes. Universal, Light Side and Dark Side. The more attuned a character is in one aspect the stronger abilities they shall be allowed access to.

Universal powers are powers that can easily be used by both sides, using these abilities will be easier than using a power that is attuned to one of the other two groups

Light side powers: Abilities linked to the light side of the force. The greater the attunement to the Light Side the easier it will be to use these powers.

Dark Side Powers: Abilities linked to the Dark Side of the force. The greater the attunement to the Dark Side the easier it will be to use these powers.

Force Potential

Similar to Gnosis in Mage the Awakening. This is the raw power a force sensitive has within them. The greater the force potential the easier it will be for the character to use the force. This stat can be increased by training and gaining experience.

Force Powers

Split into three categories, these are Control, Sense and Alter
Control – Force powers that are used on the character. Examples include: healing yourself, force sight.
Sense: The ability to sense the world and galaxy around the character. This can include precognition or post-cognition, sense another or communicate with another using the force.
Alter: To have an effect on the physical world using the force. Examples include Telekinesis or force lightning.

An Example

When using a power if it is classed as Light or Dark, you take the alignment of the power and – its opposite. e.g. You want to heal yourself, have Lightside 2 but Darkside 3. 2 – 3 = -1. When using the power: Force potential + Control + force power merit and -1.


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